Want to learn how to use your Oily Notebook? Watch this handy tutorial video. Feel free to leave any notes or questions in the comments so we can easily help you out.

Subtitles available if needed.

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      • I have tried to save new items and I hit the save button, no pencil, enter button, no pencil. I am trying to enter the number of oils that I have at my office in the ‘for’ column and it won’t save. I had the same problem about a month ago when I bought some new oils. HELP!

        • Hey! I’m sorry you’re having that trouble!! You’re having trouble entering the item or having trouble saving the quantity? When you’re entering items, make sure you’re using the ones loaded in the database. If you type in “lavender’ by itself it won’t save. Start typing lavender and then choose the size bottle from the pop up menu that appears so it’s pulling from the database, or the entry won’t save. Let me know if that doesn’t fix the problem so we can look into it further!

  1. I have keyed in all of my personal inventory and was just wondering if there was a way to dollar it out, whether by exporting as a spreadsheet or letting it calculate on the screen or on a report ( only for sealed items since there would be no way to calculate how many drops were still available). I just thought that might make it easy at tax time to show how much inventory I have as well as the functionality of seeing the price if someone came to me wanting an item, I could just pull up my notebook to see if I have in inventory and see the price without having to go to another site or to catalog.
    Thanks so much and I absolutely love this site.

    • Oh that sounds so cool! We don’t have that functionality right now but definitely hope to expand into awesomeness like that down the road.

  2. Yes I too would love to have the $ amount of product listed and have the ability to export the ‘sealed inventory’ file so that it could be used for tax purposes. I am going to start spreading the word about your site – I love it’s functionality!
    I think I’m going to appreciate having the recipes at hand… rather than looking through screen shots, scribbled notes, etc. I have also been making note at the bottom of the recipe where I got it from – specific book, blog, etc.
    Will we at some point be able to print the recipes?
    Thank you for this site! It’s awesome!

    • The recipe page is amazing, right?! Now I actually can keep track of mine! It’s seriously half of why we made the site. 😉

      We definitely hope to expand the functionality on the recipe page for sure and things like printing are on our list!!

    • Hey! Sorry we had a database glitch today that magically turned all the oils into this month’s promo oil! The error is fixed, now, but please let me know if you discover another. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I was just working on adding more items to my inventory and it seem to have populated a lot of essential oils and other products I hadn’t added in yet! Is this part of your database problem you mention above? LOL I thought I had gotten ahead of myself in the alphabet!

    • Yup, had that database outage yesterday and fixed the problem but looks like items on the wishlist and inventory were displaying one item off from what you told it to. We have fixed the problem and are working on the fix for the items entered in the last 24 hours right now and will keep you updated.

  4. Oh… in looking over what items I had put in today everything seems a bit scrambled! So I’m going to wait for the dust to settle and then delete what isn’t right and start again. I do so appreciate all that you are doing to make this site awesome!

  5. Hi! Silly question but how do I change the quantity of the oils I have in my personal inventory? For example, Lemon. I had already entered it once and then I received in a new bottle so I tried changing the quantity to two and it would not let me.
    TIA! 🙂

  6. 😖 Just entered all of my single oils but have yet to enter the blends…and it’s become obvious that I have a problem.😖 A GOOD ONE!!!❤️️. Thank you for a wonderful site.

    Is there a way to print our list that I’m just not seeing?

    • Hi! That’s something we definitely hope to update the site with in the future! We’ll move it towards the top of our list of planned updates. 🙂

    • That would be awesome, but as the majority of members are on the free membership plan, we’re not at a point where we could do that yet.

  7. I’m new to the site to test it to see if I want to be a premium member. I added one of my recipes and saved it. Then I went back to edit it. It will not save the changes. Is this a glitch or am I probably doing something wrong?

  8. This old lady loves Oily Notebook! I lost all my inventory and wishlist because I didn’t click the save icon 😣, user error. I’m becoming a pro and can now navigate easily through the website. I am anxiously waiting for the app! Will you notify us when it’s ready for download? Thank you for such a great website!

    • I’m glad you love the site! We’re excited for the app as well. It’s slower going than we’d hoped but we believe we’ll have some good news very soon and we’ll post here and on FB and probably send out an email as well.

  9. is there a way to separate the bottles in mls an non oils, for instance 15ml / section then 5ml sec/ then vitality’s/ an a section for like non oil related like body wash, cleaner, etc?

    • Hey! There is a dilution calculator app in the Android store. Is LG not an Android phone? We’re iPhone people over here, sorry!

    • Hi! There isn’t really any need for a login button since you get directed to log in anytime you click on inventory, recipes, etc. Any page that requires a log in will prompt it. We decided to stick with that to keep the top bar cleaner. Thanks for your input!

  10. Hi –
    Any chance you will be either adding, or having a stand-alone, Canadian version? Right now I’m selecting the US equivalent and adding a note in ‘why I bought this’, but it would be great to not have to do that 🙂

    • Ooh that’s a good point I never thought about!! I know some product names are different. Is there something else that is different?

  11. I really don’t want to have to pay an ongoing subscription for the premium version. Since your site is relatively new, would you consider a one-time lifetime offer for the premium version where we can pay a fixed amount one time?

    • Hi! Our site has been around over 2 years and we’re working to add new features all the time. The monthly or yearly costs are super minimal and totally worth it!

  12. I cant seem to go back now that I have listed my inventory and put In why I got it Am I missing something? I just found this site and am very excited about it. Thanks so much

    • Hi Diane. Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “can’t seem to go back”. Do you mean that the items you entered are not showing up? If that is the case, please make sure you choose an item from the autocomplete drop-down. If you don’t, the page will show what you typed, but it won’t be saved.

      If that’s not it, please let us know how we can help.

  13. Are you able to search through recipes based on what you have in your inventory with any of the memberships? Thank you!

    • Hey! That is a very cool idea but I’m afraid it is not currently a feature of the site. We’ll make a note for future updates, though!

  14. Are you able to search through recipes by certain essential oils? For example – if I have Geranium – it would bring up those recipes with Geranium or if I searched Geranium and Lemon – recipes with those two would populate. Thank you!

    • Hey! That is a way cool idea! Currently our database doesn’t work that way, the page doesn’t access the ingredients until the recipe is opened, so the search bar only can search title, but we’ll mark it down as a feature request and see what we can do in the future! I agree that would be awesome.

  15. Is there a way to sort recipes by Category, or Use? I would like to categorize by season, diffuse vs. another use, type of oil,etc. I really don’t know the names of all the recipes I have vs. an oil name, or a blend like Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Thank you!

    • Hey! Sorting is a longterm goal that we have not hit, yet. The search bar will search anything visible on the recipe screen, so it will search name, use, and category. You could put terms like “summer” in the use or category fields and when you search they’d all come up.

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